For companies that wish, we can transport their employees from their home to their work; also for extra-professional activities (events, staff parties, etc.)
Commuting from home to work are a major cause of mobility problems in Belgium as well as for the climate.

Since 1950, our experience has taught us that the following benefits have been identified in this area:
Transport costs are up to 120% tax deductible for the employer.
Gain of parking spaces, which, in Brussels in particular, can only be beneficial for everyone
For the employee, the impact becomes significant in terms of stress (compared to hours in traffic jams) and of course the social and relational aspect with colleagues
It is also more and more taken seriously but at the environmental level, the benefits are undeniable!
More than just a transport of employees, Visa Tours offers transport for staff parties, events, meetings, … Always in joy and good humor!

Are you looking for a professional and reliable partner for all your transport? Feel free to contact our office in Anderlecht!